Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas is coming!

I got the and boy is it awesome. Look at all the layouts I made!
This one is special I found these scanned pictures of our my family when we were kids. The scanned pictures aren't that good, but it is the whole story that goes with the pics that I think is important. The tags which are behind the behind the postcard, tells of our white artifical tree and how proud my mom was of that tree, and it tells of some of the toys we got that year, and how my mom would go to the Acme grocery store on Christmas Eve and buy the display boxes with the toys in it. So when we came down on Christmas morning not only did we have the toy, but the awesome display boxes the store had. (we were very spoiled! LOL) This layout really is what scrapping is all about to me. It tells such a great story, that I never told any of my kids, but now they will know. I really have to start doing more layouts about my childhood. I'm the girl in the red dress holding my Hi Heidi hair coloring dye kit (I'll never forget that! LOL) and for some reason almost every picture of me when I was a kid is in a red dress! I guess my mom liked me in red! I have to do a layout about that!

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