Saturday, May 29, 2010

New rub on technique (What me going green?)

Did you ever want to place a rub on in a place where you needed flexibilty? Or at a corner of a picture but afraid it would crack at the edges? Well I found this fast and easy way to get that rubon on your layout fast and easy. I wanted the rubon flower in the lower left hand corner but there was burlap strip going across. Instead of using cardstock, which you could use, I decided to use the plastic wrap from the packaging.....
I cut a piece out and applied my rubon. I have the next two pictures reversed, but you get the idea. The first picture is how I started cutting out around the flower.

Not only was it flexible but I could now adhere it anywhere I like!

Tell me if you like this techinque!


Casey Wright said...

What an adorable LO! Love the disney characters!

Scatter said...

I followed you over from to find this brilliant idea! TFS!