Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Making tissue leaves

Today I would like to show you how I made the leaves on this layout. I didn't have leaves that would go with these gorgeousPrima Flowers. I had seen a tutorial on how to make paper tissue butterflies a while back, and I thought I would start out with something simple like a leaf. The best thing about these are they are a little flexible so you can add dimension to your layout.

First gather your supplies:
Tissue paper - This can be any color, for mine I sprayed white tissue paper with glimmer mists and let dry, this is where you can be very creative!
Wire - I used
Wire cutters or scissors

Take a piece of wire depending on how big you want your leaf, I used about 6 inches, and twist the edges together and form a leaf shape.

Lay a piece of tissue paper down and put the wire on top of that. Coat with a layer of Modpodge.

Put another layout of tissue paper and another thin coat of modgepod. At this time I sprinkled mine with glitter, or you could use mica flakes, or Tattered Angels glimmer mist.
Let dry thoroughly and trim carefully around the edges and apply to your creation.
There are so many possibilites, butterflies, flowers, go wild!

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Tam said...

very cool! Will have to try it! tfs!