Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 (plus 2) Twine-Tastic Uses for Divine Twine in Scrapbooking

My latest scrappy obsession is Divine Twine, thanks to the girls over at Scrapbook Express, we have gone Twine Crazy over there. Our Twine Queen, Kay, has been getting us all the latest colors and we thank her for that. So with that being said, here are 10 ways to use twine in scrapbooking. If you have any others that I haven't thought of let me know and I will add your creation here.

1. Wrap a layout or a picture in it.

2. Add it to a button or flower.
Or put the button on the flower.

3. As a ribbon or bow around an embellishment

4. Add it to your banner

5. Hang something from it.

6. Hand sew with it.

7. Use it for balloon strings

8. Use eyelets or brads and cross-cross it.

9. Wrap around chipboard or alphabets

10. As a bow in little girls hair.

11. Use it as a title
This idea is from Dana Tatar from Scrap That! She does some amazing work!
Wasn't that a creative way to make a title! Be sure to visits Dana's Blog

12. Make a Bean Blossom.
This idea came from Celeste B from over at Scrapbook Express. I'm telling you those girls are twine crazies! Check out Celeste's blog, she is also very talented!

Check out the gallery over at Scrapbook Express for more Twine-tastic creations, and while your there check out the great store, and the forum for more scrappy fun!


Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

I LOVE these ideas Donna! Thanks for making a list with photos. I now have some new techniques I want to try with my twine!

Meg Giroux said...

Great ideas, Donna!!! Thanks for sharing!!

janis said...

these are great donna!!!!

Scatter said...

I've been trying to find some localy and have had no luck. Now I gotta search seriously!! Thanks for the enabling!

Kristi B. said...

Very cute ideas! I love the way twine looks so I have all sorts of colors, so thanks for all the inspiration! :)

Karry Weaver said...

Oh how fabulous! Now I need some twine! I am in love!

Tina said...

So many great ideas! Love the title, and twine flowers. Thanks for sharing.