Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge

I decided a few days ago to do this challenge - finding it a lot harder than I thought, because I am not about taking pictures of things about me.

1 YOU (A reflection of me in the mirror, luckily I could cover part of me up)
2 BREAKFAST - This is it pretty much it, every morning.

3 SOMETHING YOU ADORE (My Mickey Mouse purse my sister got me, well anything Disney)

4 LETTERBOX (Suprisingly Jeffrey agreed to look through the mailbox, not sure what is meant by letterbox. Does it have another meaning I don't know about?)

5 SOMETHING YOU WORE (My bracelet I got for Christmas, isn't it pretty, I just love the colors?)

6 MAKES YOU SMILE (I have this photo hanging above my computer at work and it makes me smile everyday, also have this layout hanging in my scraproom)

7 FAVOURITE I swear I could eat a whole bag of these in one sitting!

8 YOUR SKY Here is my sky as I was walking to my car this morning.

9 DAILY ROUTINE - I don't know about this one, I just couldn't think of anything. I guess I am brain dead, it is Monday after all. But here is the elevator I get in every weekday, and head up to the 4th floor. I've worked on that floor for a good 20 years, and have been on that elevator at least 4 times a day, so yeah I guess it is a daily routine.

10 CHILDHOOD I was thinking what do I have anymore from my childhood?
This was my favorite toy growing up, next to Barbie. My sister and I each had one. 40 years later I bought myself one on ebay! Gotta love plastic clothes and wigs.
I think I might have even had two sets of these.

11 WHERE YOU SLEEP This little ceramic pot is something Jeffrey made in 2nd grade and is sitting on my bureau. It's just one of those things I'll never get rid of!

12 CLOSE UP - We don't have our Christmas tree down, I hate to take it down, it is still so healthy. My original close up was a folk art looking Santa, but I decided on this cardinal I got back in 1977. It has never missed a year being on my tree.

13 IN YOUR BAG - Yep, that's everything!

14 SOMETHING YOU'RE READING - Seriously I am on Pinterest every chance I get. It is so addicting, and I know it isn't really "reading" as much as looking.

15 HAPPINESS - Playing games almost every Saturday night with my family brings me lots of happiness. These are times that will be remembered.

16 MORNING - My morning drudgery.

17 WATER - I took this this morning, looks pretty cool!

18 SOMETHING YOU BOUGHT - One of my bargin finds at Michaels this past week, will look great on a grunge mini album, even opens up to put photos or maybe some small memorabilia.

19 SOMEONE YOU LOVE - Need I say anything?

20 REFLECTION - My Christmas ornaments (which should be put away by now!)

21 YOUR SHOES - Most people I know hate Crocs but I love 'em, especially my Disney ones.

22 SWEET - Mmmmm ice cream, and the little boy is pretty sweet himself!

23 SOMETHING OLD - This arrowhead I found in our front yard last summer. Instead of walking up the steps for some reason I was walking up on the grass and saw this in grass, I guess it worked it's way out of the ground.

24 GUILTY PLEASURE - My newest guilty pleasure is going to Michaels and buying up Industrial Chic charms - hey they are only .54 cents!

25 SOMETHING YOU MADE - I actually made something from Pinterest! The bracelet was so easy and I get so many compliments on it!

26 COLOUR - This is a Dawn dishwashing bottle!

27 LUNCH _ Made myself a ham sandwich

28 LIGHT - here is my light in my dining room. I love my faux Tiffany!

29 INSIDE YOUR FRIDGE - Jeffrey and I are drinking tons of milk lately, don't really want to show you the whole fridge!

30 NATURE - The trees are ugly at this time of year, but this woodpecker loved it!

31 YOU AGAIN - Last day, I am so impressed with myself that I actually finished it! Since I love the first photo (cough cough) I used it again, but photoshopped it some more.

Now I plan to use Scrapbook Express layout a month to scrap it, kind of replacing the Project 12, the girls over there thought it would be a great idea to continue that, so the girls at the SE Blog decided to take it over. Thanks ladies!

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Amy said...

I love this idea!! You should post these up on the board if you have time :) I'd love to try and follow along!