Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rosette Cupcake Gift Card

Today I made this delicious cupcake gift card holder using the same procedure you would to make a rosette flower, except the only difference is I only glued the sides and bottom to the back of the gift card holder. This allowed the back to be open and enabled me to slide in a gift card into the back, pretty cool huh? I used:
Momenta 12X12 LET'S PARTY PYRAMID PAPER PAD PA-2386 (let me tell you the colors in this paper pack are fantastic!
Momenta MINI PUFFY ICON STICKERS ST-3233 (because who doesn't love sprinkles on their cupcake.
Added some glitter around the edges, a button and twine for the cherry and some rick rack.

Here is the template I used, but you can find some on the internet just do a search for cupcake outline or template. You will need to cut out two of the top piece. The second piece I cut to finish off the top of the back. Make sure you use double sided paper that you like on both on sides!

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Lisa Townsend said...

I love this
Great Job
Way Cute!