Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge

Hi Donna here today to share you with the Club Scrap December Challenge which was to create last minute gift ideas. So I decided to do some "upcycling or recycling" of some items we all have in our homes, a soup can, a toilet paper roll, and an empty tissue box!

First the soup can, this one is my favorite!  I used a empty soup but instead of opening it with the flip top I opened the bottom. The smaller soup cans I couldn't use because it did not have the right type of bottom, but the larger Campbell soup can worked great. Don't open the can all the way, I did this one a little more than I wanted because I couldn't stop my electric can opener! lol

This way the flip top is still intact, which is how the gift receiver is going to open it!

I decorated the can, then filled it with candy and gift card! You can put anything in jewelry, small toys, cash!

I traced the bottom of the can and cut out the circle to glue onto the bottom to seal it.

I finished decorating it by using Club Scrap Gnome for the Holidays UM/Stencil Set and embossing it with gold glitter. I topped the can with a gold and red holiday decoration I got from Walmart. Who knew the brown and gold Moroccan Spice paper would work as a holiday decoration!

Products used:
Club Scrap Gnome for the Holidays UM/Stencil Set
Club Scrap
Gold washi tape
Christmas decoration. 

The next project is a simple candy holder made from toilet paper rolls. Take the roll and glue the onto the roll  some leftover scrapbook paper. I used Club Scraps Big Top kit.

Then lay some candy on a half sheet of toilet paper. And roll it up so it fits inside the the tube.

Put it through the tube carefully and tie one end. At this point you can add additional candy if need but if not go ahead and tie up the other end. If it is too loose so add some additional tissue paper inside so it wouldn't slide out.

And here you have some party favors quick as wink! I made these for Halloween one year and they were a hit with the kids!.

Finally a money box, who wouldn't want a box filled with money. My nephew has a birthday right before Christmas and we always seem to end up giving him cash, since his birthday is Christmas Eve. So to make this fun money box the first thing you do is take an empty tissue box and use scrapbook paper to decorate all four sides and the top. Remember to put a slit on the top. Also make a tag that fits inside the slit. Add tissue paper in the box to help fill up the box.

I printed out a saying on the side on the star, which I thought was so cute and it says
 "Don't blow it all in one place!"

Next attach money to the tag using painter tape on the back and continue doing that. The painters tape won't rip the money but will hold it securely. I started with a one, then five, then a ten, twenty and finished with a fifty.

Next roll up the money as tight as you can because you will then put it into the tissue box.

Let the tag stick out a little, like in the first picture above.
Then as you can see as he pulls the tag up, the money unfolds.

                                                                    Keep pulling!

 Products used on candy roll and tissue box;
Felt decorations
sticker and alphabet (unknown maker)
Thanks for stopping by and I hope I inspired you to be creative when giving gift cards, money or cash!


Lisa D said...

OMGosh! These are great, Donna! I love the soup can idea with the top still intact. You're a genius!

JeniRuth J said...

What great idea! Definitely need to lift some of these!

Brandi's Craft Corner said...

Great ideas! I've seen the money box before but it's always nicer with CS paper. The candy rolls are super cute with the big top paper as well. Job well done!

Ink Stained Roni said...

Fun ideas! Love the soup can trick - I'm so gonna have to give that a go.

Merry Christmas!

Marilyn Lewis said...

These are great gift ideas. Good job thanks for sharing. I can make these with my grandchildren.

Marilyn Lewis said...
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Josette Trunnell said...

Great idea! Love the pill up box too

April Puzzuoli said...

What clever ideas! Thanks!
Have a wonderful holiday.

Julie said...

All terrific last minute gift ideas!!

Linda S said...

Fun ideas! Love the money box!

KnitterPam said...

That money box is such a fun idea for any occasion! My daughter's birthday is the week before Xmas, so I think I might use this next year. Thanks for all the inspiration here!

jen t. said...

Omg! Great ideas!! Love!

Rettaescape said...

These are some cute ideas! I love the money box...too cute!

Karen Wyngaard said...

These all truly are great last-minute gift ideas. Love the soup can trick...always wondered how that was done!

Hetty said...

OMG they are all such fun and easy gift ideas and not only for Christmas.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

Carolyn said...

Great ideas! Cool!

Kay Williamson said...

Wow what a great bunch of gift ideas, I still have time to copy you! Thanks for sharing!