Sunday, February 5, 2012

2-5-12 Tag/Technique/Question

Hello there, todays tag technique is changing the color. For the ribbon which was a cream color with some red design, I put some water in a bowl and added cranberry alcohol inks. Let is absorb the color for a few minutes, then took a blow dryer to it to set the colors in. The flowers were white, and what I did with that is put some drops of the cranberry ink on the board, and pushed the flowers into the ink until I got the desired color. The question I posed myself was "What have you found lately?" I took it literally, and I found a bunch of photos my mom had which I never ever saw. I was so excited. This photo on the front is my mom! She was big into the costume jewelery and still has some of her old stuff! Very cool, don't know how she hid that from 5 kids all those years!

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