Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day

Top of the morning to all! Today I made this layout using the new Quick Quotes Stowaway Line. It was so much fun to work with and using the new Kiwi Lane Design Templates really helped me along in the design on my layout. I used the Mini Paisley Place templates to create the wavy borders and for placement of the pictures when designing my layout I used the 3x5 template found in the Photo Set. Check out Kiwi Lane, they have all sorts of awesome templates that can be used in so many ways, not just layouts. I added a four leaf clover metal to this layout not only because it is St Patty's Day, but both of these cousins are half Irish! They are a couple of handsome boys, if I do say so myself.

Here is the final layout, below I have a couple of tips I hope will be useful to you. I used bubble wrap and Quick Quotes ink. The Quick Quotes ink work great with bubble wrap and a lot easier than how I use to do it with paint. First I used the Quick Quotes Coconut ink but I really couldn't see it on the paper, so I added  Java Ink on top and it  brought out the white.

I also used Quick Quotes Java ink to distress my edges of all the pieces. To distress the flags I found a good way to get into those corners is to bend the flag in half slightly and rub your Quick Quotes ink on the edges to distress them .

Here are the items I used on this layout.
Quick Quotes Stowaway - SW300 Quick Quotes 6x6 Paper pack Stowaway Quick Quotes Summer Breeze BZ700 Quick Quotes Powderpuff Ink - Java
Quick Quotes Powderpuff Ink - Coconut
Quick Quotes Powderpuff Ink - Biscotti
Kiwi Lane Designs - Photo Set Templates
Kiwi Lane Designs -  Mini Paisley Place Templates

I also used misc charms, brads, button and fibers to embellish.
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