Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Quick Quotes Club Q kit

Today I like to show you a canvas I made with Quick Quotes Club Q Altered July kits. These kits are so packed with fun laser cut die-cuts that the possibilities for these kits are endless. There are instructions but if your like me I like to toss them aside, pull everything out of the kits and see what I can create with it, and this is what I came up with. I decided to tear some paper and layer it. I also inked the edges of the frame with Quick Quotes Mocha Mama Powderpuff Ink. Finally before putting a layer of ModPodge on I added some word definitions from an old dictionary, if you look closely they say love, music, harmony, also brushing them with a wash of diluted paint. For the birdcage I put a thin layer of gesso  and then coated it with a thin layer of gold. I used the reverse side of the canvas so I could leave a hole in which I bent the bird slightly to fit the hole I left behind. For the bird I used Quick Quotes Red hot Powderpuff ink and added some gold highlights. 

Before applying Modpodge, the edges where I ripped were white and I wanted them to look more vintage. So what I did was dip a paintbrush into brown paint, and then swoosh my brush around in a little bit of water to give me a wash, I then proceeded to put a layer of watered down paint all over the paper and I love how it created this effect on the edges.


Products used:

Quick Quotes Club Q Altered July kits
Quick Quotes Mocha Mama Powderpuff Ink
Quick Quotes Chipboard Bird Cage
Quick Quotes Red Hot Powderpuff Ink
Recollections Flower
Heart pin
dictionary words
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