Friday, April 18, 2014

Believe Impossible Things

Hello everyone, Donna here today I would like to share you with a layout I did using Quick Quotes NEW line Serendipity. I did this layout of my granddaughter during in her ballerina recital. The background paper was swirly and reminded her graceful dance moves.

I want to show you how to make your jute curly so it stays. Of course you can by the kind that retains it shape, but I was out of it, I have used this method before for making other shapes, like a heart or circles.  1. Take a couple of drops of Tacky Glue and mix it with some spritzes of water from a water bottle. Mix that with a brush, and wet the ends of your twine with the glue mixture. 2. Take the end of the twine and wrap it around the end of a paintbrush or whatever you can find that will be the size of the circles you want. I have used a small glitter container also. Take your brush and add another thing coating of glue. Let dry, and repeat for the other end. 3 Remove the twine, and add to your layout.
Products used:
Twine, ribbon, bling
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Donna Coughlin



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