Thursday, October 8, 2015

My new Craftsman inspired bathroom - Part two - Finished photos.

Before you could sit on the toilet and almost take a shower! Also the window was covered by the tub. By taking three feet from the other room I actually have my window back, not to mention a much bigger bathroom! Look you can barely see the shower curtain on the left hand side.
I have to thank John from R J Kohl Construction for doing a great job in making this come to be. He got through all the set backs and crazy ideas I had.

It all started with the vanity. From my previous post I have a picture of the bathroom I was inspired by (which shows the progress of the construction), The first thing I found the sink at Lowes and Home Depot. Unfortunately it was discontinued but I did find it on the internet, and at half price! Next task was trying to find the tiles in the picture, after I spent hours looking on the internet, requesting samples, I gave up. We did find the green tile I wanted but they turned out to be glass and 50.00 sq foot was way too much! While researching tiles, I fell in love with the Motawi tiles, I wanted them all, but ended up with the animals. I ordered them from Oak Park Home, he was the cheapest I found. Here is a closeup of my favorite one! 

Sink is by Westmore Kohler, but I think it is being discontinued, I got mine from Amazon for half price on Memorial Day weekend. Uba Tuba granite top, the vessel sink is rom D├ęcor Island by Denovo, and is made of travertine and is gorgeous. Soap dispenser from Target. Spray paint for the radiator by Rustoleum Rubbed Bronze and I can go on and on about that spray paint, besides the raditor, I sprayed the toliet handle the door hinges, the tub hair catcher drain thing and the light switch plate in the hall. Mirror from Head West Tea -Glass Amazon. Mirror lights by Forte Lighting from Amazon. Flooring by Congeleum, I don't know what is it called, because at the last minute I had to pick out a new one, the one I originally chose was discontinued. Paint is Valspar from Lowes - I think is was called Mustard Fields or something with Mustard in it. I was a little scared choosing that color, especially since the tiles weren't in but it works! I spent a whole evening with paint samples under different light trying to match something in the Motawi tiles, it is almost a perfect match with the Dragonfly tile's wings. My shower and sink fixtures were bought by the contractor, I don't remember who makes them, but we went into a Plumbing store and picked them out, it was a brand I never heard of, the plumbing store is guaranteeing them. Something I found out about fixtures, even though Home Depot or Lowes carries the same thing as plumbing supply stores, the reason they are cheaper are because the insides of fixtures are made of cheaper material, no wonder our faucets never last. It pays to pay a little more up front. Go to a plumbing supply house!
This is my best picture!

Toliet is Kohler Cimmaron. I really like it, it flushes fast. Light switch, knob for vanity and toilet paper holder all from Atlas Hardware, ordered from where else, Amazon! I have tons of extra tiles so if Motowi comes out with more animal tiles I will finish off that little corner, Someday.

Another view, coloring off in the picture.

Close up of the other four Motawi tiles. Grout color was called Coffee but I don't know the manufacturer.



Let's not forget the ceiling. exhaust fan light by Broan

Close up of the light fixture and mirror.  I love how the line in the light fixture and mirror match perfectly, plus gave me that Craftsman style I was looking for.

The celluar shade is by Levelor I got at Lowes, they custom cut right there in less than ten minutes!
The stained glass window I got on Etsy from Addy at SandHill Shores , she made this herself, I wasn't happy with the silver frame so I spray painted them with the Rustoleum Rubbed Bronze paint.

The new woodwork was all done by the contractor, I found detail instructions on how to do the woodwork from the internet, I printed them out and I think he did a fabulous job recreating the Craftsman look. The stain matches my sink pretty good. The color is off in the picture below. The stain is Miniwax Honey 272. I don't know, everything I pick out seems to have a food name in it!

Lets talk about the green tile, I absolutely love it, it gorgeous, I love the variety of colors in each tile and looks so rich. Because of the issues we had in getting them delivered,(we ordered early July and they came in the end of September) I hesitate to give you the manufacturer, but here goes...Epro tile - Forest green. These are handmade tiles and I understand that takes longer but three months was ridiculous. They told us the delay was because the kiln broke, and was promised on September 18th, that date came and went and still no tile, the next story we got was some of the pieces broke when they came out of the kiln. OK maybe it did happen, but I had to pay for these up front 100%, and was really disappointed it took so long.  If you decide to go with them, do not, and I repeat, do not start construction until you physically have them in your hand. We we using a bare shower wrapped in plastic for a month. Not fun.


Bath liner from Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Waffle weave shower curtain from Zenna, also from Zenna was the shower rod and the shower caddy for the corner (not shown) . Also not shown was a funky little shower rug I got from Amazon.

This view is from the window looking out, straight ahead is a closet and the door to exit the bathroom is on the left. The towel rod was from Kinsgston sold at  Wayfair. New doors and woodwork!

One final detail....

My best buy at 70% off on Memorial Day weekend (Amazon) were these doorknobs from Nostalgic Warehouse, aren't they amazing, I really love them, actually I LOVE the whole bathroom!

Thanks for looking and I would love to hear what you have to say!

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