Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project Life vacation style

Hi for my California trip I decided to mix Project Life and traditional scrapbooking. So while I still have a long way to go, here is the first part of our trip, and my first attempt at Project life. I think the hardest thing for me was organizing the pictures so I can scrap them in order. I am done with everthing except the Disney part. Here are the first part of our journey. More to come!

I thought I would start out with a page on our iternary for our trip what we did, where we ate,etc.
Page two was driving from the airport to our hotel.
Next 4 pages is our amazing hotel, OMG we loved it there!
Eating at Joes Crab shack in Oceanside beautiful views!
Picture Perfect place!
Next stop San Diego Wildlife Park, amazing place!
Some really odd animals here! LOL
While in Hollywood we stopped at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood as a surprise for my son who loves the Muppets. I actually had some amazing pictures but I lost my camera (so sad), these were some pics my son took.
My hubby was just dying to go here! He loves hot dogs!

At night we went to the Dodgers game, actually the boys ended up going to three different ball parks while in California.

We had to stop and see the Pacific Ocean, after hours of researching I decided to go to Treasure Island Beach, and it was worth all the research. So pretty!

 We ate at Bubba Gumps, the paper I used was actually paper from the restaurant that they served food in, I asked for some to take home! To fill up the rest of the squares I used quotes from Forrest Gump, one of my favorite movies!
La Brea Tar Pits, a pretty cool (no pun intended!) place to visit
Stop back for more!

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Kathy said...

These are some awesome pages, Donna! You really saw a LOT of stuff while you were out there! And captured it beautifully on your PL pages!