Sunday, February 22, 2015

My new paper storage idea

When I started scrapbooking I swore I wasn't going to spend a fortune on storage, so most of my items (except my desk) are recycled or bought at thrift stores. So when I saw the idea about using recycled mail packages to store paper, I went for it.  I now have all paper stored in recycled boxes in my repurposed TV stand!

I cut the sides of the box diagonally and the 12x12 sheets fit in perfect. So in the box I have two DCWV pads and my Basic Grey papers, the scraps I put in a large baggie.

On the side I label with a Sharpie what is inside, so when they are all lined up I can just pull out which box I want. Also easy enough to cross off if I move or use up one brand. I seem to be so rough on these boxes I replace them pretty much.

I was getting these smaller boxes (for my Quick Quotes Design Team) and was throwing them out! Ahhhh.... WHY? I have so many lines of Quick Quotes being on the design team for three years. I have been throwing it all in one box! Now I know next time I will make it neater but I threw this together in a hurry. After opening the box I duct taped the one side.
As you can see it stores the paper perfectly!

Half pieces or cut pieces of paper I store in the front
Really small pieces, diecuts I store in a sandwich size baggie.

 And on the side I put what is inside the box. I wish I had a fifty of these, I will definitely but doing this for more of paper, plus they stack up really nice, I think they will fit into a milk crate. Awesomeness!
Let me know if you like this idea!

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