Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Club scrap stamping challenge

Hi everyone! Today (well actually the past two days) I have been experimenting with stamping on cookies. I have these wonderful stamps from Club Scrap and it's a little early for Christmas cookies, but my granddaughters won't mind helping me eat these before they go stale! So here is a sample of some of my finished cookies.

Let me share my experiences. My first idea was going to be stamp directly on the cookie, I searched the internet for the perfect recipe for this, Rycrafts Shortbread cookie recipe seemed exactly what I wanted.
So, after the first batch I just cut circles, and again back to the internet to find the perfect icing. Alton Brown's Royal icing, worked great! Since I am not a baker, I watched his Youtube on how to do this, and continued on my quest to make perfect circles of icing! OK not so perfect.  It did take overnight for the icing to dry completely. I have a couple with thumbprints in them, don't know how that happened, especially since I told my son to touch them, must have been a gnome!

Next onto stamping. First wash and dry your NEW stamps thoroughly! I guess you could use ones that have ink on them, but double wash them. I bought Wiltons Edible markers and went over the entire with the marker. My first attempt I actually had the stamp but everytime I pressed the stamp onto the cookie it broke, or the imprint wasn't there all the way. I guess my icing wasn't even?

So I tried to laying the stamp on very careful and holding the cookie in such a way that my fingers were under the cookie for support, I used my thumbs very carefully and apply light pressure around the stamp, Much better!

After letting the outline of the stamp dry, I colored in my cookies. To smooth things over a little I took a paintbrush, dipped it in water, blotted the brush, and smoothed out the lines of the markers.

To finish off my edges so they wouldn't look so rough, I took of  mixture of 10x sugar and water and ran a paintbrush around the edges, and coated them with sprinkles. I did the same thing to fill in some of the shapes. Here a batch of some of the finished ones.
 Finally I put them in clear plastic bags I got my local craft store, they held 4 cookies each.  I tied them up with a ribbon and tag. I stamped the tags with the Club Scrap rubber stamps and had these cute cookie cutter buttons.  My daughter is home schooling my granddaughters, but I think it is time to head over and surprise them with cookies and hot cocoa!

Products Used:
Club Scrap Moroccan Kit  (ribbon, and tag)
Club Scrap Homemade Holiday Unmounted Stamp
Club Scrap I'll be Gnome for Christmas Unmounted Stamp/Stencil
Other products, cookies!, sprinkles, Wiltons Edible Markers, Cookie cutter buttons.

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Lisa D said...

What a great way to use your stamps! You're a genius!

Karen Wyngaard said...

What fun! I know you had a rough start, but so glad you stuck it out . . . the cookies look wonderful!

JeniRuth J said...

What a clever and crafty way to expand your use of the stamps! Love it!

Ink Stained Roni said...

What a fun idea - they look delicious!

Julie said...

Donna this is AMAZING!! Love how you thought outside the box with this challenge, wonderful!!

KnitterPam said...

Those cookies are AWESOME! Thanks for the clever inspiration!

Carolyn said...


Rettaescape said...

Oh my...such a great idea! I know your granddaughters are going to love them!

Kathie Sanford said...

Those are totally adorable!

Tricia Morris said...

Wow...that was a labor of love, for sure! Thanks to your persistence, you certainly had a beautiful and delicious gift for someone special! (And those gnomes are always up to no good!)

Josette Trunnell said...

Wonderful, makes me want to bake!!

crzymom said...

Darling cookies! I love my Rycraft cookie stamps but the best designs are from stamps that have deep etchings. I love how you figured out how to stamp on them.

Lilian YF said...

They look so yummy!!! Might have to try it out!
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